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Our Products and Services: Please note that we are (Not a Temp-Agency)

Construction Labor

Our number one goal is to provide you with experienced managers & laborers. Construction & Sub-Contracting services 
includes:  Materials-Off Load,
 Materials Carry-in & Stage, 
Forklift/Bobcat, Perform Misc Tasks &
 (Tenders Assist Trades with Daily Tasks)


Providing skilled construction-ready labor at will is key to our operation. We are MBE certified with the city of Chicago/Cook & CMS/IL. Therefore, we are prepared to assist and sign with your firm in an effort to satisfy compliance.

Construction Cleaning

During construction site cleaning is not just about aesthetics, it’s about the safety of your workers. Post-construction cleaning is paramount and the final stage before turning the project over to your client.


Furniture or Fixtures Installation

  • Install/Assemble furniture according to instructions

  • Set up furniture according to layout & drawings

  • Maintain a safe and clean workspace

  • Clean up - remove all packing materials and garbage from the job site 

  • Report damaged furniture

Its All About Teamwork!

Post-Construction Cleaning

Let's Get To Work!

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